There is no doubt that Maya institute of Pharmacy has traveled the time with unparallel growth and commitment. It was established in 2010 and within a decade we have done the things which might have taken an extra decade like infrastructure and fame. It is the brightest shining institution in the spectrum of education and the reasons are distinctively obvious.
Nobody in this world is the owner of knowledge, there are the knowers of knowledge and here in the institute we all are committed to the spread of knowledge and convert a student into a knower, a thinker, and a professional.
The kind of acceleration we had in past is not going to end anytime soon, we convert our progress to a fest and enjoy every bit of it with a sense of responsibility towards society.
We give scholarships to bright students and selflessly contributing to Sarv Siksha Abhiyan.
My message to all the students, parents, or guardians is – “Join with us, explore with us and let us make this world a more beautiful and educated place”.