Institute of Pharmacy faculty- Department of Pharmacy

About the departments- Our Department of Pharmacy and management have faculty members who are equipped with raw talent, faculty members are M.Pharm, MBA, and PhDs in their respective core competencies.
Our state of art laboratories are equipped with the latest equipment and are largely spacious.
Our smart classrooms are equipped with screens, projectors, and wifi connectivity.


Maya institute was laid with few objectives and our vision is to illuminate the horizons of pharmacy by transforming young individuals into a vibrant professional with the capabilities to become a team player and a winner.


To develop and progress on a continuous basis.
To fly high in the space of education by involving three Cs – Creativity, Consistency, and Co-ordination. To raise the bars which restrict the flow of ideas. To commit towards the fulfillment of our goals.


  • Our staff and faculty members in this institute are well qualified with the qualification of M.ed and have also cleared exams like super TET etc.
  • Apart from this, we have dedicated infrastructure and facilities for the students.